Bridging Finance

Wide lender panel
Customized solutions
Simple application process
Fast approvals
Competitive rates

With our experience in the equity markets and access to private investors & private mortgage funds, we have the ability to select the best lender and secure the most advantageous outcome for our clients’ borrowing needs.

Second mortgages are a great solution when additional funds are needed for the business but the existing lender is unwilling to provide further finance.

When the existing mortgage is secured at a competitive rate a second mortgage finance would be a cheaper option than refinancing the whole debt to meet the additional borrowing need.

Bridging finance can assist in the following circumstances
• Short term working capital needs
• Funds for urgent property settlements
• Payment of urgent ATO tax debts
• Poor credit history with loan arrears, tax debts, defaults and judgements
• Incomplete construction projects
• Current lender refusing to roll over the existing loan facility

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