Equipment Finance

What is Equipment Financing?

Equipment financing is a great way to purchase plant & machinery, equipment, vehicles, new technology or business-critical tools.
This provides flexible working capital to further grow your business and take on new opportunities.

• Funding up to 100% of the cost of the asset
• Buy new or pre-owned assets
• Funding for imported equipment
• Replace or upgrade existing business assets
• Gain access to the capital tied up in assets that you already own

Our solutions are incredibly flexible and can be easily tailored to meet your unique business needs

• Commercial motor vehicles
• Passenger vehicles
• Trucks, trailers and buses
• Construction and Earth moving equipment
• Forklifts & related equipment
• Industrial machinery
• Commercial laundry
• Manufacturing plants
• Compressors & Generators
• Solar equipment
• Medical & Health equipment
• Office equipment
• Aircrafts, marine vessels & boats
• Software & technology

Our equipment financing solutions cover a full range of Specialist Financial products that fit your business needs​

Low-doc & Full-doc Equipment Finance
We understand that not all borrowers fit in the square. For borrowers who cannot provide full financials, we can help with Low- doc products with fast approvals and competitive rates.

Sale & Lease Back
Raise funds against the assets you already own by unlocking the tied-up capital in your fixed assets to further grow your business and take on new opportunities.

Operating Lease Finance
Exclusive use of the equipment without incurring any upfront costs of buying and maintaining the particular item.

Heavy Equipment Finance
Truck & Transport Finance
Fit Out Finance
Solar Equipment Finance

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